Saturday, September 8, 2012

Special Collaboration Packaging- The Icing on the Cake!

 Blog by Genea CK

If something is incredibly amazing it should also have equally amazing packaging, right?! Well I thought so, so I did some behind the scenes work for Staci and me. Can you believe I had to keep this a secret from her?! It's a good thing I had a few close artsy friends I could spill the beans to that would keep my secret safe! You know who you are *wink, wink, nude, nudge, know what I mean, know what I mean*

So first I thought we needed a special kind of thing with both of our logos and "collaborate" on it. Staci didn't have an official high res logo. I stole an image from her copper metal brooch .
I took the heart image and put it through a few filters in photo shop.
I made this, but I really wanted her original hand drawn winged heart image. 
Here is what she sent me. I again put it into Photoshop and made it a high resolution image. Keep in mind I am NO graphic tech person at all! I was actually going to get the help of Miss Totten since she is an artsy guru, but she ended up getting that terrible Bead Fest Flu! 

So I took out just the heart as it wouldn't work in the designs for the packaging, cards and tags I had been planning to create. I put the heart through a few filters to darken up the black lines and just saved the image file as large as I was able with the original photo I had.

 So now that the logo was made it opened the door to the other special creations I wanted to make.

I needed to create our  logs with "collaborate" image.

SWEET! Just how I imagined!! 

Now off to make some super SWEET business cards on Moo! 

I knew I wanted this image on the cards, but was ecstatic when I found out that you could have a small image on the front with text and a full size image on the back! SUH-WHEET! Hooray for more pictures!

I inserted the collab image to the front of the cards and added the text.
OMG perfect!! 

Now to start loading photos I took of all of the sets I had on my end(Staci has half of the collab sets so some even *I* have not seen!) and add them to the backs.

So awesome!! :D

Now for the packaging! In my mind I imagined our collab image stuck to the tops of the boxes. I created this image in Microsoft Publisher thinking I could get it to round the edges for me and I could just cut them out with scissors. Those rounded stickers can be hard to line up perfectly, so why not take out some error? ;)

Ah there we go! A nice thick border to show me where to cut.

Now to stick the stickers to the box tops! AWESOME!! 

Now for some special collab beads tags to tie up the beads!

Aren't these just AMAZING?! Who doesn't love cute little detailed perfect touches? 

Our packaging is complete! 

Now off to package up the sets! :D


  1. I absolutley loved them! Thanks so much for doing this stuff for me Genea. so glad you are the detail person, cause I am not;)

    1. Yay! Me too! It was really exciting for them to come together just how I imagined them! Glad that is "my department" ;) xo Genea